At the beginning of this season, CODA SA was once again present with the professionals of Crete with the bakery presentation that took place at the premises of KORONI SA, enticing the participants in an enjoyable journey of flavors and creative enjoyment.

The bakery technical consultant of CODA, Mr. Apostolos Dimitrousis, in collaboration with the technician of KORONI, Mr. Lefteris Andreadakis, prepared and presented numerous applications with the complete range of innovative bakery products with rich nutritional benefits, provided exclusively by leading suppliers for Greek professionals by CODA. Its excellent product lines from fine raw materials, meet the current market trends and the requirements of informed consumers regarding healthy dietary habits. The use of flours with a special nutritional profile, whole grains and the enrichment with seeds of superfoods which have recognized nutritional benefits, guarantee delicious bakery goods of high nutritional value.

At the focus of the presentation were delicious bakery products and savory snacks with intriguing spicy flavors and of highly aromatic character. The technicians analyzed the advantages of the products, while the professionals who attended had the opportunity to be inspired and to enrich their knowledge interactively thanks to the tips and techniques that were presented.

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