Company Profile

New generation products!

CODA SA is, since 1997, one of the pioneers in the Greek market in the import and distribution of innovative raw materials for professional Bakers, Confectioners and Ice Cream makers.

CODA SA is located in Acharne – Attiki, at a central distribution plant of 600m², which includes a fully equipped warehouse and offices. Products are stored according to their special temperature and humidity needs and conditions and are monitored according to their expiry date and LOT number, following the FIFO (First In – First Out) principle.

The Company has its own very well organized sales and distribution network. The Company’s network also includes 31 distribution representatives who serve the whole of the Greek market, mainland and islands included. CODA also exports its products to Cyprus and to most Balkan countries.

CODA SA has a large portfolio of quality products, suitable to serve the needs of modern professionals, and represents exclusively 11 international brands from Europe and the USA in the Greek, Cypriot and Balkan markets.

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