Vision, Mission and Targets

CODA SA envisions a dynamic evolution in the bakery and pastry sectors in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries. The Company distributes a variety of established, well known products from the best European and American suppliers and invests in a long and successful presence in the sector.

The Company’s mission is to offer its clientele high level products and services through constant research in the international market, the development of an efficient sales and distribution network and by offering specialized technical support and expertise.

The basic future goals of CODA SA include:

  • Constant quest for new products to expand its product range, through existing suppliers and through new collaborations
  • Expansion to markets that display potential for development.
  • Provision of high quality services supporting its clients through technical demonstrations and constantly updated recipes.
  • Ongoing training of the Company’s employees.
  • Constant upgrade of the facilities and equipment for the best and fastest response to its customers’ needs.
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