Our Company with a high sense of responsibility spectates on a daily bases the developments related to the global challenge we are facing due to the spread of the Corona Virus Covid-19.

Acting in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) and the national authorities of our country, we immediately proceeded in implementing actions that correspond to the critical situation and have as their main goal the avoidance or the minimization of possible effects.

⇒ We adopt strict preventive measures to deter t the occurrence of outbreaks in our facilities, maintaining a high level of hygiene in all areas, offices and warehouses, with continuous cleaning and disinfection

⇒ We prioritize the protection of human resources, we apply travel ban, work from home, restrictions on meetings and prohibition of visits by external partners to the Company’s premises.

⇒ Παραμένουμε καθημερινά στη διάθεση των πελατών της Εταιρείας εξυπηρετώντας τηλεφωνικά τις παραγγελίες μέσω του Τμήματος Πωλήσεων αλλά και του τηλεφωνικού μας κέντρου.

⇒ We comply invariably with strict instructions in the warehouse area when accepting truck drivers and receiving goods, in order to ensure proper and healthy maintance, transport and storage of products.

⇒ Finally, in order to maintain security in the supply chain, when delivering products to our customers, our drivers are required to use gloves and masks during unloading – delivery.

CODA SA despite the diverse circumstances, continues its reliable operation, handles and delivers all orders normally.

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